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This ‘personal space’ dress could solve all your public transportation woes.


Also she is developing this technology literally to help women assert their space in public AND MAKE A STATEMENT about how women are treated in patriarchal societies! She is developing other clothes too! You can support her project here:

More info:

The dress is the second in a series of projects called Urban Armor, which aim to help women own their space in public arenas that often attempt to deny this right. As McDermott explains in the project statement: “The series arose partly out of my concern over the persistence of ideologies asserted at women in public space through advertising, architecture and socially normative behavior. I began to look for ways women could take more ownership over their personal space in public.”

Basically this woman is a badass artist. Please support her work and spread the word

This is fucking stupid.

The lengths people will go to just to avoid saying “excuse me, could you give me a little space?”

It’s not artwork, it’s an umbrella made as a skirt.

That is ridiculous

Feminists are paranoid, and delusional. 

If I saw one of these, I would think of you as an asshole. Seriously. This is public space and you are in public transportation. Are you seriously that desperate for person space without asking for it?

wasn’t there a post going around for a while where a woman was complaining about a guy having his legs slightly spread while he was sitting on public transportation? Then there is this, which people seem to agree with. Tumblr has some real double standard problems…

Hobby Lobby doesn’t have to provide food to its employees, which is why they all starved to death long ago.
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#yesallwomen #notallmen

If your first response to this is “not all feminists are like that”, you’re doing it all wrongWhat you should be doing is telling your fellow feminists “don’t be that kind of feminist.”

And people wonder why I dont take this movement seriously anymore

feminism is a hate movement ok? ok.

And this is why modern feminism is so hated. 

This isn’t even what feminism is. These select, few people who call themselves feminist aren’t- they’re misogynists- which is COMPLETELY different than the true definition of what feminists are and stand for-, and it’s not fair to the people who actually are about social justice, empowering women, and breaking down gender stereotypes. And this right here is a horrific, ignorant, wrong stereotype against feminists. This is NOT feminism.Feminism: “the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic EQUALITY to men.”

This goes back to what we talked about before. I agree, these are not what feminists are suppose to be. However, many people who act this way define themselves as feminist. That is, again, why I call them modern feminist, because they use the name feminism and are becoming accepted as such despite being very different from the traditional meaning of feminism. Even 20 years ago my dad dealt with groups of people like this, though not quite as extreme (they didn’t advocate killing of men as some of these seem to).

I do not think all feminists are like this, but there are enough defining themselves as feminist to distinguish themselves as a different type of feminist (why I say modern feminist). 

That would also be why many others who advocate for equality are abandoning the name feminism and going for things like egalitarian or humanism. (they also say it is more inclusive)




#yesallwomen #notallmen

If your first response to this is “not all feminists are like that”, you’re doing it all wrongWhat you should be doing is telling your fellow feminists “don’t be that kind of feminist.”

And people wonder why I dont take this movement seriously anymore

feminism is a hate movement ok? ok.

And this is why modern feminism is so hated. 





If bees become extinct we will have exactly 4 YEARS to live on this planet. I don’t understand how “not giving a fuck” is more important than your life…

okay, I have a thing to say about this. I’m no expert on bees, but I am a biologist (and entomologist) so I think there is something I can contribute that’ll be of worth.

I agree entirely with the sentiment that we must protect honeybees. Obviously they are massively important for biodiversity, as well as pollinating food crops for humans. There is no doubt that if all the honeybees in the world were to vanish in a day that the consequences would be dire.

However, I disagree that the main cause for concern regarding honeybee death is the use of Genetically Modified (GM) crops. I’d be very interested to read a research paper that says ‘GM crops have killed millions of honeybees’, if indeed such a paper exists because in all honesty I find it highly unlikely that this is a true statement.

Let’s start with some facts about GM crops:

1. The development of GM crops is a highly regulated process, bound by strict country-specific legislature. A great number of trials are carried out long before commercial planting of a GM crop is even considered. It is these trials, and accompanying laboratory studies, that ensure a GM crop is safe to non-target organisms (such as honeybees) by investigating direct and indirect effects (Nap et al. 2003).

2. Crops that are genetically modified to express insecticidal proteins (for crop pest control) have a high level of specificity. This means that the insecticidal proteins being produced by the GM plant will only affect a narrow range of insect groups because of the chemical properties of the protein. For example, GM crops expressing insecticidal proteins sourced from the bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) will only target some Lepidopteran pests (caterpillars; Romeis et al. 2006). Furthermore, a recent meta-analysis of the literature found that GM Bt crops do not negatively affect the survival of adult honeybees or their larvae (Duan et al. 2008).

3. GM crops can be tailored such that the novel gene is expressed only in particular parts of the plant. For example, GM Bt rice plants express the toxin in the stems but not the grains (Datta et al. 1998). This technique means that gene expression can be excluded from the flowers/pollen of the crop plant, so that bees and other pollinators would not be affected. Neat, huh?

So those are a token few reasons why GM crops are safer than perhaps many people believe (as the result of a lot of questionable, non-scientific articles). To come back to our main point about honeybee death, I would like to briefly mention a few alternative explanations for the recent decline in honeybee populations. These are as follows:

1. Many bees have died as the result of broad-spectrum insecticide use. These are pesticides that lack specificity, and can be harmful to non-target organisms. Neonicotinoids are a well-studied example of this (Decourtye & Devillers, 2010). Not to worry, though, because many broad-spectrum pesticides including neonics are well on their way out. Indeed, the EU recently banned a large cohort of neonic pesticides. This is still a topic of controversy, mind (Goulson, 2013).

2. Many bees have died as the result of Varroa mite infestation. Imagine you’ve been bitten by several ticks, except those ticks are the size of dinner plates. That gives you an idea of the severity of a Varroa mite infestation on a single developing bee. The parasitisation of bees by Varroa mites and other parasites is often accompanied by disease transmission. This can result in colonies dying within two years after infestation (Johnson, 2011).

3. Many bees have died as the result of ‘colony collapse disorder’.  This is a phrase that has popped up a lot recently, and is basically an umbrella term for the various causes of bee death including parasite infestation, disease transmission, environmental stresses, and management stresses such as poor nutrition (Johnson, 2011). Colony collapse has been attributed to broad-spectrum pesticide use in some instances. However, it is has still been observed in countries where broad-spectrum pesticides have been withdrawn (in the EU, like I mentioned earlier; Johnson, 2011).

So those are my main points. Please excuse the bullet-point nature of this; I was trying to keep it fairly short. Not sure I managed that haha. But anyway, my take-home message is that GM crops are not the enemy when it comes to honeybee decline. If anything, bees are at much greater danger from the use of broad-spectrum pesticides and from parasites and diseases. Using GM can even help to alleviate some of the problems associated with broad-spectrum pesticides, as they greatly reduce the need to apply such chemicals (Romeis et al. 2006).

A finishing note: Do your homework. Go on google scholar and read some of the literature, making sure it is recent (within the past 10-15 years). Literature reviews are a great way to find out what the consensus is on any given topic. Don’t use popular media as your main source of information where science is concerned; they tend to favour scandal and exaggeration. You want to know what’s really going on? Check out some research articles and see for yourself.

Thanks for sticking it through to the end of this impromptu mini-essay! —Alice


Datta, K., Vasquez, A., Tu, J., Torrizo, L., Alam, M. F., Oliva, N., Abrigo, E., Khush, G. S., & Datta, S. K. (1998). Constitutive and tissue-specific differential expression of the cryIA (b) gene in transgenic rice plants conferring resistance to rice insect pest. Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 97(1-2), 20-30.

Decourtye, A., & Devillers, J. (2010). Ecotoxicity of neonicotinoid insecticides to bees. In Insect nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (pp. 85-95). Springer New York.

Duan, J. J., Marvier, M., Huesing, J., Dively, G., & Huang, Z. Y. (2008). A meta-analysis of effects of Bt crops on honey bees (Hymenoptera: Apidae). PLoS One, 3(1), e1415.

Goulson, D. (2013). Neonicotinoids and bees: What’s all the buzz?. Significance, 10(3), 6-11.

Johnson, R. (2011). Honey bee colony collapse disorder. DIANE Publishing.

Nap, J. P., Metz, P. L., Escaler, M., & Conner, A. J. (2003). The release of genetically modified crops into the environment. The Plant Journal, 33(1), 1-18.

Romeis, J., Meissle, M., & Bigler, F. (2006). Transgenic crops expressing Bacillus thuringiensis toxins and biological control. Nature biotechnology, 24(1), 63-71.

This commentary is SO important. Succinct and with proper sourcing; beautiful.

It infuriates me when people blame GMO for everything without actually examining the evidence.


How well-meaning people harm rape survivors


One: the use of false statistics

A good example of a false statistic that gets thrown around is “the rape conviction rate is 6%”. This isn’t true, and it’s incredibly damaging in that it can actively put people off from going to police. 6% is the attrition rate (although it’s actually 12%), which is different to the conviction rate. The conviction rate is 58%. [In the UK]. This statistic is usually deployed to point out how rape isn’t taken seriously by the law, but in reality the most likely effect of its widespread use in campagins is to deter survivors from reporting their rape.

Two: encouraging women to live in fear

It’s something that gets thrown around a lot on tumblr. The idea that women have to constantly think about how to avoid being raped, and the ever-popular concept of schrodingers rapist. I have two main issues with this. Firstly, all this does it keep survivors in a victim state. It is true that every man may or not be a rapist, but it is also true that every person you meet may or may not be a serial killer, every car that drives past may or may not lose control; come off the road and mow you down. The reality is that the world is full of ‘schrodingers’. You may or may not die at any time; by constantly telling women that they should be trying to avoid rape you are allowing rapists to have control over them, you are keeping women in a childlike state and not allowing them to be able to live freely. Secondly, fear of something does not equate with likelihood of it happening. If you are legitimately afraid of all men, then that is an issue thatyouhave andyouneed to solve; because all it is going to do is negatively affect your own daily functioning. A constant fear of rape is an irrational fear and like all irrational fears it needs to be dealt with.

Three: Discussing rape only in terms of “male perpetrator, female victim”.

There will be countless arguments and articles thrown all over tumblr regarding just how common rape against men (by a man or a woman is). The reality is, statistics do not matter. All discussion about rape should include the likelihood of men as victims and woman as perpetrators. It’s not hard to do, small changes in language are enough (such as saying “man or woman who has been raped” instead of “woman who has been raped). Obviously there are some rape discussions that legitimately do only involve one gender (such as a personal account or a specific issue/incident) but overall society as a whole needs tostop with the constant erasure of male survivors. It doesn’t matter if it happens once a year or a million times a year, a male survivor of rape is equally important as a female survivor.

Four: Claiming that it’s impossible to get over rape

It should be pretty obvious why this is harmful. PTSD does not have to be a life sentence. If you trot out phrases such as “you don’t get over something like” then you are very likely to be holding survivors back in their healing process. I don’t think “getting over it” is the best choice of words, but youcanheal from rape is you allow yourself the time and the right help. It’s all lovely and dramatic to claim that it’s impossible to get over, it brings your point home; but you are harming survivors by saying this.

This has been a PSA.

Hey Feminists.


If you’re wondering why people can’t take you seriously, here’s a short list.

  • You’ve turned the actual cause of Feminism into a new wave viral bandwagon full of impressionable teens and young adults that just ramble on Tumblr and Facebook about it.
  • The very name of your cause is oriented to one gender.

  • Real feminism died out long ago, you can all vote and work equally now.
  • You claim to fight for equality and declare that feminism is for everybody, but I’ve yet to see a feminist post one thing about male issues.
  • Your cause is horribly enveloped in hateful people, despite the few of you with good intent.
  • Your trump cards are getting old. You can’t debunk every issue with the word rape.
  • The typical feminist is a brash, overly-sensitive, biased, and an emotionally charged misanthrope that is just hard to get along with.
  • Rape isn’t the one and only problem in the world, and it’s not exclusive to women.
  • You create a double standard that a female could never be a misogynist or sexually abuse a male.
  • Your cause created the idea that “rape culture” exists which is in turn promoting the social behavior of misogyny. By saying rape culture exists you’re promoting the idea of rape culture. 
  • The argument “you obviously don’t know what real feminism is” is getting stale. How about you enlighten the multitudes of feminists what “real feminism” is so we don’t always get the wrong idea?
  • Being an attractive woman is apparently just not okay anymore.
  • You fight tooth and nail and moan endlessly about women being sexualized in the media, and then turn around and protest topless. 
  • Anyone who tries to prevent a rape scenario from happening by telling a girl to not dress slutty and to be safe in a bad area is a victim blaming rape apologist.
  • You try to fight for equality by telling men and even other women how to act. And you shame them if they don’t think like you.

  • You act like a woman wanting to wear high heels or be a stay at home mom is the worst person ever.
  • The wage gap doesn’t exist. Do your research.
  • A good bit of you want superiority to men, and call that equality.
  • Women can be sexist. And that apparently is just the hardest thing for feminists to accept.
  • We live in a culture where it’s funny or brave if a guy gets mangled or beat by his wife, and we empower and praise her for doing so. But if it’s the guy beating the wife, we’d want his head on a pike. 
  • You act as if female privilege absolutely does not exist. There are so many programs and causes to help women through life, and mothers are always in favor over the father in divorce cases.
  • You don’t see any prostate cancer awareness stickers on the back of cars.
  • And I’m sorry, we can’t fix the issues of the entire population by only focusing on half of them.
  • Anti-feminism is not the idea that we agree with the prerogative of a misogynist. We’re just saying feminism, we gave you a shot, but we don’t like what you’re doing.

And in conclusion, I’m not denying that the misogyny, rape, oppression against women, and areas of unfairness exist. They do. And it totally does suck. I’m the last person, well guy, to stare at a woman pervertedly or to treat them any lesser than a male.

But you have to realize that there are problems on both sides of the gender, and among the transgender/gender queer people.

This is why I can’t take feminism seriously, there’s too much damage.

Please, create a new cause.





This is why feminism is a load of steaming bullshit.

This woman, Andrea Meayers assaulted a minor for flying a drone, taking pictures of landscapes because she thought he was taking pictures on the beach. 

If he hadn’t taken video, he would have gotten jail time because she claimed he attacked her and the police believed her with absolutely no proof.

If he had tried to defend himself, he’d be facing jail time for sure, and if this was a man who did this to a girl this age, he wouldn’t have gotten bail and he’d be facing much more serious charges than this cunt who’s walking away with a slap on the wrist despite the fact she assaulted a minor and lied to police officers. 

This kid is now afraid to enjoy his perfectly legal hobby because of this woman who went on some feminist vigilante rampage when he wasn’t even taking picture of people. 

I’m a woman and I’m sick of feminists. You’ll mock ‘not all men’ and other bull crap but I bet you if you’re a feminist reading this, (If you even got this far before just jumping to man hating) you were screaming ‘not all feminists!’ to yourself.

Yeah, not all feminists but certainly the majority of them approve of this sort of thing. You’re a disgusting, vile bunch and I’m repulsed to share anything with you even if it’s just the same reproductive organs. 

You can kick and scream and cry all you want but this is what your BS third-wave feminism is about, not any of the crap you try to pass it off as. I’m tired of it and tired of you. Cry misogyny or ‘internalized misogyny’ all you want, but no group seems to hate and think less of women then feminists.

If YOU want to create imaginary problems for yourself and be an eternal victim, that’s fine, but all you do is make it seem like women are weak and can’t handle themselves just because you can’t for whatever reason and attack women who criticize feminism even in the slightest. You’re the opposite of everything you say you are. 

Maybe you need quotas, forced inclusion and all bull crap to get ahead in life, but the rest of us want to get ahead, be rewarded and succeed based on our skill and our merit, not just because we have a uterus. We actually like to work for our praise like anyone else. 

Piss off into an active volcano and shove your #yesallwomen BS up your ass.

This crap (woman) is the reason why the real victims don’t dare to report because nobody will believe them anymore . Fucking brain dead women!

Ya can’t even be a kid anymore. Assault and battery is not a crime anymore if you’re of the privileged caste.

This legitimately angers me. I don’t see how anyone openly calls themselves a feminist. People are right when they say that they don’t want to be associated with such negativity and hate. Yes, I said it, Hate. Feminism has turned into nothing but a hate movement. Not just of men, not just of traditionalists, but hate of others that dare to disagree with them. To paraphrase Margaret Thatcher (an ardent anti-feminist) Feminism is poison, it is vile, it is terrible. I hope if I were to ever have a daughter she does not identify with these people.

As I stated before, I agree this is not suppose to be what feminism is, but that is what it has become in the modern day. And to add to the comment about many feminists would yell “not all feminists” there would also be comments of “that is not real feminism”. The thing is that is how people in the modern day who call themselves feminists act, therefore it is what feminism has become.



Sometimes I can’t believe there are people who still think the Republican Party is all old white men. Among MANY other women and minorities, all except one of the female governors currently in power in this country are Republican. Including Nikki Hayley, Indian American governor of South Carolina and Susana Martinez, Hispanic governor of New Mexico and it’s first female governor.

TL;DR- you’re all morons who parrot false information to perpetuate your extreme victim complexes.

Heads up, leftist bigots.