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Its funny to me when people complain about how evil capitalism is while on the internet. If capitalism is so evil why do you use a computer, a phone, medicine, cars, tvs, air conditioning, electric lighting (or for tat matter any electricity), radios, shampoo, toothpaste, or really anything you can buy? If capitalism is so evil then why do you use so many things developed by it?

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    What burn? You mean the attempt at showing me how evil capitalism is while continuously referring to things that happen...
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    Gonna need some ice for that burn
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    Let’s just forget for a moment that all those things are produced mostly by wage slaves in southeast Asia. I want you to...
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    The Internet wasn’t really developed by capitalism so much as universities and governments. Other than subscription...
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    similarly, Cuba to this day has no modern medical procedures, and Venezuela no oil derricks, and the rice grown in Mao’s...
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    hey tumblr user tinglepolitics are you perhaps aware of the popular video game Tetris? It’s a puzzle game in which you...